Our Story

Peggy Anne Hannemann began her career by chance in Fredericksburg, Texas in the 1940's. As a junior in high school, she was an acrobat with the Fredericksburg High School Band. Her cousin asked her to teach her to dance, and by the next Friday, she had five little girls waiting in line to learn to dance. Eventually her mom volunteered to play the piano, and the two officially began Peggy Anne Dance Studio. It was while in Fredericksburg that Peggy began Dance Capers Dance Recital to showcase her students' dancing skills.

The studio moved to Kerrville in 1954, and now is home to over 300 students learning a variety of dance styles. Peggy Anne passed away in 2013 but is still the heart and soul of the studio. Peggy Anne's legacy lives on through CeCe and the amazing staff at the studio.

Peggy Anne's daughter, CeCe Jean Saunders, started teaching with her in the late 1970's. CeCe grew up dancing in the studio and began teaching when she was in middle school. Once she graduated from Tivy High School in 1983, she began teaching full-time along side her mother. CeCe later went into business with Peggy Anne and is now the current owner/operator. In 1997, she started the Kerrville Cougars, a competitive cheer and dance program. She also teaches lyrical, ballet, jazz, and non-competitive cheer.

Peggy Anne's 1st Recital in 1945
Peggy Anne
CeCe Jean